Suffolk Democrats Want More of Your Money

Suffolk Democrat Water TaxJust when you thought your property taxes couldn't get any higher, the Democrats in the County Legislature identified a new way take your hard-earned money.

On Monday, Democrat County Executive Steve Bellone and Democrats in the County Legislature proposed a new tax on... our drinking water!

This crippling tax, which will cost the average home almost $200 per year, is being marketed as a plan to reduce nitrogen levels in Suffolk County's drinking water. But in reality, the Democrats' proposal causes a 300% increase in costs to homeowners to perform a task that the County should be handling within the County's already bloated $2 billion annual budget.

Standing up for homeowners, in this week's Republican State of the County response, Legislator Kevin McCaffrey took Democrat Steve Bellone to task for using the water tax as just another way to feed the Democrat's insatiable spending appetite and to provide cover for their godawful mismanagement of funds.

The Democrats in the County Legislature have tried this before. They imposed previous taxes on water, only to use the funds to try to balance their debt, which has doubled to $1.2 billion since they took over the majority ten years ago.

What will they try next, tax the air that we breathe? Is it not enough that Democrats, who have controlled the Legislature for more than a decade, have put Suffolk County in the worst 1% in the nation for highest taxes?

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