Suffolk County at The 2016 Republican National Convention

WATCH: Suffolk County Republican Committee Chairman John Jay LaValle spoke to various news outlets at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Recap: Days 1 & 2

Rich Barrabi of News 12 caught up with Chairman John Jay LaValle for his thoughts on the first days of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

JJL:"I love what I'm seeing in the Republican party, Mr. Trump is growing the Republican party in ways that we could never have imagined.

"...We need to put Americans back to work, we need to make this country safer and it is absolutely true that a country without borders is not a country.

"[Donald Trump] says a lot of things that are -- they're very decisive -- people call it controversial but it's common sense and that's what we need: to inject a little bit of common sense into American government in Washington, D.C. I know Speaker Ryan agrees, he's seen it -- I was with Senate Majority Leader McConnell a little earlier this evening and he feels the same way.

"Everybody's gelling, this is exactly what we need to do: come to Cleveland, break bread, unify and walk out of here...the next three months are going to be very exciting for America."

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Make America Work Again

Chairman LaValle is confident in Donald Trump's ability to get the American people back to work on Day 2 of the convention. Interview starts at 0:47:

JJL: "Tonight's theme of "Making America Work Again" is right on point with the focus of the campaign and there is no question in my mind that he is the only of the two candidates in this race that possesses the ability to get that job done."

Day 3: Make America First Again

Fuse TV's VotoLatino Crash The Parties 2016 correspondent James Villalobos speaks to Chairman LaValle about the theme for Day 3 of the convention: Make America First Again. The interview starts at 0:53:

JV: "Today's theme is Make America First Again. How exactly do you go about doing that?"

John Jay LaValle at RNC on FUSE TV

JJL: "Well, we've got to put Americans back to work first and foremost. That is incredibly important.

"Disproportionately the latino and African American communities are out of work. Mr. Trump's no-nonsense. It's not about Republican and Democrat for him. He's gonna be there for America. He's going to create jobs.

"And those individuals who are being disproportionately hurt are going to come to realize real quick: This is the man. He'll put people back to work."

Suffolk County Republican Committee Chairman John Jay LaValle reacts to Ted Cruz's convention speech: 

JJL: "He made a big mistake. Last night was Ted Cruz's Alamo. He is done. But the one thing that he did is he unified this party."

"Ted Cruz almost got it right...there were a lot of quality parts of that speech, there's no question about it but this is a multiple choice exam, there's A) Donald Trump, B) Hillary Clinton, his job last night should have been to tell his supporters 'We need to come together, we need to unite, we need to get behind Donald Trump because we have to move America forward and change the direction of this country.'"

Chairman LaValle debated MSNBC host, Chris Hayes, on Donald Trump's fitness for office:

JJL: "How in the world could anyone say Donald Trump is unfit for office? This man is a successful businessman, he tells it like it is, a lot of people - a lot of politicians don't want to hear it -- he's fit."

Hayes argued Donald Trump wouldn't be fit for the Presidency because he never held public office, to which Chairman LaValle responded:

JJL: "But this nation is $19 trillion dollars in debt, this nation has a problem with immigration, this nation needs help, so maybe we don't need another establishment Republican [or Democrat] at the top, maybe we need someone who's a winner and who's gonna get it right and that's Donald Trump."

Day 4: Make America One Again

Day 4 of the Republican National Convention was themed "Make America One Again" and Donald Trump reached out to all Americans to unite for America's revival. News 12 reported:

Chairman LaValle said Trump planned to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to the largest audience of his life by reaching out to those not present at the convention hall.

"He's gonna be speaking to the people who are undecided, the independents and some of the softer Democrats," LaValle said.

And that he did, after an introduction by daughter Ivanka Trump:

Trump, again dubbing himself the "law and order" candidate, called on supporters of former Democratic presidential hopeful and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to join his efforts to end what he described as a rigged system. He reached out the LGBTQ community, saying he would protect them from Islamic terrorists. The crowd roared, and Trump thanked them for doing so.

Mr. Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President Thursday night with a fiery speech full of statistics on America's decline under the lack of leadership from the Obama administration over the past eight years, including "Corrupt Hillary" as a failed Secretary of State, and Mr. Trump promised he would fight for all Americans -- uniting us as one -- and bring prosperity back to America:

"I say these words to you tonight: I'm with you, I will fight for you, and I will win for you."