Dr. Oz Show: Hillary Clinton Bad For Your Health?

Hillary Clinton is not only bad for the country -- she could also be bad for your health!

Four Republican women from the Town of Brookhaven recently participated in a presidential campaign experiment on The Dr. Oz Show, which is currently scheduled to air this Friday, October 21st at 1pm on Fox.

Brookhaven Republican Women on Dr Oz

Team Trump for The Dr. Oz Show included Suffolk County's own Kelly Platt, Jennine Kubik, Betty Manzella and Rosalie Hanson. The ladies underwent vital signs testing in this unique political experiment.

According to Betty Manzella, Vice Chair of the Brookhaven Town Republican Committee, the results of the experiment were a surprise but we can't reveal them until after the show airs, so tune in or set your DVRs for Friday and see how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fared in this literal battle for hearts and minds!