Donate a Recipe to Help the Less Fortunate

Donate a Repice

"Ariel Heller is a senior at Miller Place High School. She is a conservative-minded young woman who is as bright as she is caring. This is exactly who we should be as Republicans. She's setting a great example for her peers and I hope you can help her help those who are less fortunate in our community.

"Soon, under Republican leadership, we will put Americans back to work, reduce the welfare rolls, eradicate poverty and give every family the opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

"Thank you for your continued support,

"John Jay LaValle"

Getting proper nutrition is essential to living a healthy and long life, but it may be difficult for some to prepare affordable nutritious meals for their families. That’s why We Care is collecting recipes to create a cookbook of meals under $12 for a family of 4.

Cookbooks will be distributed at local food pantries, shelters and soup kitchens. Help change lives, not only for a day, but for a lifetime. You can easily help less fortunate families by donating a recipe and submitting it to We Care at:

Recipes can include an optional short paragraph representing a memory of this meal with your family, or a short piece of advice on how to spread joy throughout the community and your family.

Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner may be submitted.

Cash or check may also be donated with or in lieu of a recipe. We Care thanks you in advance for your support and donation.

Please submit all recipes NO LATER than November 10, 2016

We Care was founded by Miller Place High School student Ariel Heller. If you wish to contact We Care please call or text (631)-255-4689 or email This is We Care’s 6th annual fundraiser. Helped in part by Miller Place High School Service Club.