Dom Spada for County Legislature (LD-18)

dom_spada_headshot.jpgDom Spada is the Republican candidate for Suffolk County Legislator in the 18th Legislative District.

Meet Dom Spada

Along with being on the front lines fighting the opioid epidemic, having created the "Be Smart, Don't Start" educational anti-drug program, Dom Spada has been committed to our community in numerous ways.

For nearly 15 years Dom has responded to the emergencies of his neighbors as a member of The Halesite Fire Department. Dom has served as Huntington Bay Deputy Mayor and Police Commissioner of the Huntington Bay Police Department.

As Deputy Mayor his team introduced 0% tax increases over the last five years while increasing services and completing infrastructure improvements during this past year. That's what residents throughout our county deserve.

Support Dom as he responds to the emergency our County is facing to assure that our families can live in a clean, safe and affordable place. More about Dom

Campaign website:

f: @DominicSpada

i: @DomSpada