Democrat Primary Challenge: Drama in AD11

She’s supposed to represent the taxpayers, not take money from party leadersBack in June, Democrats in the 1st Congressional District had a primary where the winner employed corrupt de Blasio-style tactics to achieve her goal, specifically importing Manhattan residents to vote in a Suffolk County election. There is now more drama in the Democratic Party as their incumbent in New York's 11th Assembly District, Kimberly Jean-Pierre, is collecting a paycheck from party bosses and from taxpayers. To top off that revelation, Jean-Pierre is also facing a primary challenge.

Who Does Kimberly Jean-Pierre Work For?

Democrat Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre received paychecks from the Suffolk County Democratic Committee for the first six months of this year while simultaneously working for the New York State Assembly, where she should have been working for the interests of all the people in the 11th Assembly District, not just the Democrats living there.

Democratic primary challenger Jordan Wilson is calling into question Jean-Pierre's loyalties. Newsday reports:

“She’s supposed to represent the taxpayers, not take money from party leaders.”

Jean-Pierre's only rebuttal is that her work for the Democrat Party is "very part-time," chairing a committee registering students and younger voters to help Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

The Democrats aren't fooling anyone: it's clear Kimberly Jean-Pierre is working for the interests of the Democratic Party, not her constituents!

Voters in the 11th Assembly District can't trust their current Assemblymember to serve the interests of anyone but herself. We have a chance to take this seat back, turning this currently blue seat red, in 2016.

Taking AD11 Back and Turning That Blue Seat Red!

shawn_cullinane_write_in3.pngThe Suffolk County Republican Committee is proud to endorse Shawn Cullinane for the September 13, 2016 Write-in Republican Primary in the 11th Assembly District. Save the date and don't forget to vote! (Check out the sample write-in ballot line on this page. You must write in Shawn Cullinane's name to cast a vote for him.)

Shawn Cullinane has been the Village Clerk of the Village of Lindenhurst, New York’s 4th largest village by population, since 1988. He was appointed Treasurer as well in 2000. Prior to that, he served as Assistant to the Babylon Town Board.

As Clerk-Treasurer, Cullinane has been responsible for maintaining the Village’s financial strength and strong credit rating, while providing the resources needed to fund village services.

Meet Shawn CullinaneAmong his most recent accomplishments:

  • *The building of a new Fire Department Main house on-time and under budget.
  • *After ‘Superstorm Sandy’ and under Shawn’s financial management, Lindenhurst was able to successfully re-build the Village Marina and other village properties.
  • *He also assisted numerous homeowners with the burden of re-building their homes and lives after Sandy.

Learn more about Republican candidate for the 11th Assembly District, Shawn Cullinane

Help the Suffolk County Republican Committee win this seat back: Contribute what you can today, sign up to volunteer or get your tickets to our End of Summer Blast online!

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