Christopher Madden for County Legislature (LD-15)

christopher_madden.jpgChristopher Madden is the Republican candidate for Suffolk County Legislator in the 15th Legislative District.

Meet Chris Madden

Chris Madden has been a resident of the Copiague school district for 20 years. Chris is the owner of a US Customs warehouse and logistics company, and partner in a commercial loans and credit repair consultant’s business and college recruiting service for soccer athletes. Chris is a husband and father of three, two sons and a daughter. His oldest son is a graduating senior, his daughter is in 10th grade, and his youngest is in 6th grade. All are all enrolled in the Copiague School District. Chris is currently the Vice President of the Copiague Youth Leagues, VP of CYL tball and farms divisions, VP of CYL soccer, and travel coordinator of CYL baseball and soccer programs. Christopher's wife, Jennifer, has recently opened an office on Great Neck Road by the Copiague train station for her companies.

From Chris:

"I am not a politician I am an entrepreneur who struggles week to week to support my family and keep my businesses operating. It was not until I saw Donald Trump become President did I ever think about running for a political position. It has been difficult to live and raise a family in Suffolk County. The past few years it is getting even more challenging. From ridiculous red light cameras, to the rising taxes and fees on everything, common core, conditions of our roads and railroad system, and in addition to the current gang and drug problems throughout our neighborhoods.

"I felt it was time for me to stop complaining on social media and to my friends step up and do something about these problems. I am not looking to change the world, just the part of the world where I raise my family. We need people in government that have integrity to do what is right for the people and not just for their personal gain or party affiliation. I am being endorsed by the Republican and Libertarian Parties. The people I have met and deal with in both parties only want what’s best for the people of Suffolk County.

"Join me and let’s make our community great and safe for our children and their children."

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