Suffolk County GOP

Throughout Suffolk County’s rich Republican history and tradition, the Suffolk County GOP has led efforts in promoting party principles of fiscal responsibility and accountability, limited government, opportunity for all and a strong national defense.

As the most heavily weighted Republican county in New York, the Suffolk County GOP plays a major role in shaping policy and campaigns as well as designating candidates who will fight for Republican ideals and work to improve Long Island so that families and businesses can stay and grow right here in New York.

The Suffolk County Republican Committee works hard to advance the interests of taxpayers by reigning in out-of-control spending at the state level and lowering taxes in New York, which is already the highest taxed state in the nation thanks to the policies of politicians like Andrew Cuomo and Charles Schumer.

The Republican Party – the party of Reagan, Roosevelt and Lincoln – is the party of opportunity. We believe Americans can provide the solutions to our challenges – not the government. We believe in entrepreneurs, small business and main street and that a free society means everyone has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

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